Monday, 11 January 2016

Current Everyday Make-Up

I'm one of them people who loves knowing people's everyday make-up. It can really give you a little look into who they are as a person. Like what sort of lipstick or blusher they wear. So for today's post, I thought I would show you mine! It is a very natural everyday look with just a nude lip!

Products Used:
- E45 Cream Moisturiser.
-Benefit Porefessional.
-Revlon ColourStay Foundation (Shade 180 Sand Beige).
-Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (to cover blemishes).
-CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous Concealer (for under eyes highlighting).
-BareMinerals Pressed Powder (Shade Translucent).
-Benefit Hoola Bronzer.
-MAC Mineralize (Shade Soft & Gentle).
-Benefit Brow Kit (Shade Medium & use the wax only).
-Urban Decay Eyeshadow (Shade Tease also for eyebrows).
-Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer (to highlight brow bone).
-Benefit Roller Lash.
-Benefit They're Real (used with Roller Lash).
-MAC Lip Liner (Shade Subculture).
-MAC Lipstick (Shade Shanghai Spice).

Everyone's Make-Up Routine is unique to them, meaning most of the products they use work for them. Also, everyone's routines will change over time as they discover new products which create different looks or work better with their skin. Mine has stayed relatively the same with a few changes to foundation and eyebrow products.

My favourite product in this has to be the foundation. This is the first foundation that matches my skin tone perfectly and works well with my skin type which I would call combination (having both dry and oily areas). It has a good and even coverage and I just love it!

I use a subtle contour and highlight by blending it out as much as possible, which also makes it look as natural as possible. They are both very warm shades which also works well with my skin tone. I then use two brow products as one is for shaping the brow and the other for filling in the sparse areas.

Then I like to combine the two benefit mascaras. Roller Lash lengthens and darkens my lashes where as They're Real separates them and makes them look voluminous. Always try mixing some products as some can turn out to be holy grail products like mine!

Lastly, to finish off this look I love to add a nude lip. They look so classy and any eye look will usually always match it. This is my favourite combo at the moment for a sheer look. But for a matte look; the MAC Lipstick in Honey Love is beautiful!

I hope you enjoyed reading this! What's your favourite product in your everyday make-up routine?

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  1. Loving this! I recently made a post about my everyday make and we are using some of the same products :) The Hoola bronzer and MAC mineralize skin finish are just amazing!
    Charlotte Luisa |